Hame – my restaurant food, prepared by me and served by you.

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Cheese doughnuts £20
(Makes 15)

Sourdough, jar of chicken butter £12
(Extra sourdough for £5)

Nanny Sophie’s fried chicken £15
(opt for a tin of AH caviar for £60 supplement)

Wagyu beef tartare, sourdough crisps £29 Tuna and kimchi tartare, sourdough crisps £25 Wild mushroom agnolotti, pickled mustard sauce £15

Whole lobster, carrot, lemongrass £45

Wagyu ramen, lime, chilli £35 each

Beef Wellington,
clotted cream mash,
spring greens, roast carrots
£80 (serves 2)
£150 (serves 4-6)
Whole lamb shoulder,
courgette & feta salad
£80 (serves 4-6)
Pheasant pot pie,
clotted cream mash,
green beans
£75 (serves 4-6)
10 mile radius only


Tarte tatin £30

To be the real deal, buy an Adam Handling restaurant group apron for £20 or opt for two aprons for £30

Adam Handling’s Own Label, West Sussex, England – NV £30.00
Billecart-Salmon Rosé, Champagne – NV £75.00
Taittinger ‘Prélude’ Grand Cru, Champagne – NV £52.00
Krug Grande Cuvée Brut, Edition 167, Champagne – NV £200.00
Louis Roederer Cristal, Champagne – 2008 £225.00
Clos Sainte-Magdeleine Rosé, Cassis, France (Magnum) – 2017 £80.00
Grüner Veltliner, ‘von den Terrassen’, Sepp Moser, Kremstal, Austria – 2018 £20.50
Casa de Santar-Reserva, Quinta de Cabriz, Silgueros, Dão, Portugal – 2015 £25.00
Dish Pairings
Nanny Sophie’s fried chicken
Sylvaner Vieilles Vignes, Ostertag, Alsace, France – 2018 £28.00
Fiano ‘Slate Farm’, Unico Zelo, Kersbrook, Adelaide Hills, Australia – 2017 £43.00
Wagyu beef tartare
Syrah/ Viognier ‘La Re-Nommee’ Domain Lombard £26.00
Pommard, Domaine Antoine Olivier, Côte de Beaune – 2015 £78.00
Tuna and kimchi tartare
Malvasia ‘La Belle’, Cantina Orsogna, Abruzzo, Italy – 2017 £20.00
Anjou Blanc ‘La Lune’, La Ferme de la Sansonnière, Loire, France – 2017 £52.00
Wild mushroom agnolotti
Kékfrankos, Monopole Blues, Kovács Nimród, Eder, Hungary – 2016 £24.00
Garnacha ‘G No Guerra’, Cancedda O’Connell, Sardinia, Italy – 2017 £38.00
Wagyu ramen
Charles Heidsick Rosé reserve, Champgne – NV £60.00
Whole lobster
Chardonnay ‘Limestone Hill’, De Wetshof, Robertson, South Africa – 2018 £22.00
Santenay ‘Clos des Champs Carafe‘, Domaine Antoine Olivier, Côte de Beaune – 2015 £43.00
Beef Wellington
Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Talud’, Tabali, Valle del Maipo, Chile – 2015 £24.00
Cabernet Sauvignon, Domaine A, Tasmania, Australia – 2008 £95.00
Pheasant pot pie
Saint-Joseph, Alain Graillot, Northern Côte, France – 2017 £42.00
Morey-Saint-Denis 1er Cru Vieilles Vignes, Hubert Lignier, 395 Côte de Nuits – 2015 £240.00
Whole lamb shoulder
Nero d’Avola, Mount Horrocks, Clare Valley, Australia – 2015 £32.00
Syrah, Lillian, Central Coast, California, USA – 2014 £110.00
Tarte tatin
Recioto di Soave ‘La Broia’ Roccolo Grassi, Veneto, Italy (Half bottle) – 2015 £30.00
All wines are 75cl, unless stated otherwise
Home-stirred cocktails


Grey Goose Vanilla, Hennessy VS, caramelised white chocolate, coffee

Eve ‘Grounded’ Negroni

Citrus Bombay Sapphire, Martini Rubino, Campari, Averna, Coffee wash

Sazerac Bay

Woodford Rye, Hennessy VSOP, Fresh bay leaf liqueur, Dry vermouth, Aromatic bitter


Doughnut distillate, Bacardi Cuatro, Discarded vermouth, Muyu Chinotto nero, bitters

Pandan Old Fashioned

Pandan infused Woodford Reserve, Monkey Shoulder, clarified banana juice, Cynar, bitters

About Hame

I’ve been asked on countless occasions to launch a food delivery service and I’ve replied in the same way every time, ‘I would honestly love to but my food just won’t travel well’.
Although I knew this was the case, it really bothered me. It’s just not in my nature to say ‘no’… or to be beaten by a challenge!

So, myself and my team put our heads together and created ‘Hame’ – the Scottish word for home – to offer you a taste of our restaurant experience from the comfort of your own house.

We have done all of the food preparation ourselves to make it as simple as possible for you. Just scan the QR code on the recipe card, included with your order, to see a video of me showing you how to cook all the prepared components and put the finishing touches to your dishes.

Opt for one of our classic cocktails and matching wines to complete the perfect home dining experience.


Love, Adam x


Why can I only order for Friday delivery?

Orders outside our 10 mile radius can only be delivered on Fridays.

I live inside a 10 mile radius – can I receive a delivery on a Monday?

Orders inside our 10 mile radius can only be delivered on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.

Why can I not add the pheasant pot pie to my order?

The pheasant pot pie is only available within a 10 mile radius

How long will the delivery last if it’s refrigerated?

3 days from the date of delivery

What time will I receive my delivery?

Between 9am and 5pm on your selected date

Can I freeze any of the food?

We wouldn’t recommend freezing any of the food, as the quality will be affected. However, if you do choose to freeze the doughnuts, we recommend rolling the dough into balls and then freezing.

I have dietary requirements – how do I make you aware of these?

Please detail these in the dietary requirements box just before placing your order

How much cooking / preparation work is required?

This varies from dish to dish. All components are packed separately and are prepared as much as possible beforehand. All dishes come with recipe cards, with QR codes that link to a step-by-step video of Adam finishing and plating the dishes.

Please explain how your packaging is sustainable

We use Polybags vacuum pouches. They are manufactured from a biodegradable composite film made from polyamide (PA) and polyethylene (PE).

Any items delivered outside a 10 mile radius of Frog by Adam Handling, 34-35 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HG are delivered through Fedex. We request that you find a use for the polystyrene boxes they deliver in – our recommendation would be to fill them with ice and use them as a drinks cooler or fill them with soil and plant some herbs.

I have further questions, where do I send them to?

Please contact [email protected] for any further information or for providing feedback

T’s & C’s:

  1. Delivery available Fridays to Sundays within a 10 mile radius of Frog by Adam Handling, 34-35 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HG. Delivery available Fridays outside a 10 mile radius of Frog by Adam Handling, 34-35 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HG
  2. Order a minimum of 48 hours ahead of preferred delivery/collection date.
  3. Delivery within a 10 mile radius of Frog by Adam Handling, 34-35 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HG is subject to a minimum spend of £100. Orders under £100 will incur a £10 delivery charge.
  4. Delivery outside a 10 mile radius of Frog by Adam Handling, 34-35 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HG are subject to a £25 delivery charge.
  5. Collection is available from Frog by Adam Handling, 34-35 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HG on Fridays to Sundays. Following the placement of your order, we will contact you to organise a suitable time slot for collection, to ensure that we are adhering to the government’s social distancing measures.
  6. Follow the instructions on the recipe card to achieve the best finished result.
  7. Ensure to follow any Food Safety & Health and Safety instructions provided.
  8. If you have a food allergy or intolerance, please make us aware when placing your order.
  9. Once the delivery outside a 10 mile radius from Frog by Adam Handling, 34-35 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HG is with Fedex, we will not be liable for any delivery issues.
  10. Please note that the pheasant pot pie may contain shot as it’s a game bird.