Adam Handling is renowned to inspire and excite through inventive dishes that offer an ‘unexpected harmony’. Working with the finest ingredients and a meticulous attention to detail, his dishes offer a wonderful complexity of flavour and texture.

His inventive style has already gained him a number of accolades within the restaurant industry and now, working in collaboration with his family’s award-winning winery & oil mill, he has launched a collection of ‘world class’ olive oils and sherry vinegar.


Olivia is produced by VINOLEA – Adam’s family’s business based in Cordoba, Spain. In 1970 a group of farmers in the Cordoba town of Puente Genil, in southern Spain, came together to found the La Purisima SCA Wine Cooperative. It was the first to combine wine making, olive oil and table olives. VINOLEA prides itself in using Cordoba’s famous local olive varieties including Hojiblanca, Picual and Arbequina, giving the oils a true taste of this part of Spain. Currently it operates as VINOLEA, Winery & Oil Mill, made up of more than 300 members. Its reputation spanning over 40 years guarantees traditional methodology, product knowledge and expertise.

From the field to the bottle in less than 24 hours.

Harvested and pressed using traditional methods, VINOLEA oils have received worldwide accreditation, with all the oils winning Gold in the World Olive Oil Awards.

From the moment the fruit is harvested until the oils are bottled, no additive or mixture of other grades of oil are added. This entire process is undertaken in less than a day ensuring the oils are of optimum freshness and quality.

Olivia by Adam Handling is the first time VINOLEA olive oil will be available in the UK, giving chef’s the opportunity to use the finest olive oil from one of the world’s greatest producers.


  • Olivia Extra Virgin olive oil – Hojiblanca & Picual olives 500ml
  • Olivia Extra Virgin olive oil – Arbequina olives 500ml
  • Olivia Extra Virgin Classic Olive Oil 500ml
  • Olivia Extra Virgin Classic Olive Oil 1litre
  • Olivia Extra Virgin Classic Olive Oil 5 litre
  • Pedro Ximénez ‘sherry vinegar’ 250ml

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