Do you want to plate like Chef Adam? Well, now you can with our restaurants’ plate selection. Some of these bad boys have even been used to showcase our signature restaurant dishes.

Handmade stone bowl 8.6"
Dark blue plate 10.5"
Red copper flat bowl 11"
Handmade natural stone plate 9.7"
Rustic black plate 10"
Handmade balloon bowl brown 9"
Handmade balloon bowl white 9"
Japanese bowl 10.2"
Handmade stone rimmed plate 10"
Japanese bowl 9.4"
Snack dish 5"
Grey salad bowl 5.9"
Handmade gloss brown speckled plate 9.8"
Handmade gloss yellow speckled plate 9.9"
Heavy handmade stone plate 7.5
Adam Handling heavy handmade stone plate 7.5
Handmade stone plate 8.9"
Handmade stone bowl 7.6"
Handmade flat balloon plate 10"
Speckled white and brown plate 9.6"
Dark blue gloss plate 10.3"